Business Plan Services

Using our comprehensive business plans, we successfully help companies raise capital and refinance corporate debt in order to accelerate growth, execute management buyouts, acquire companies or provide owners’ liquidity on an hourly basis.  We are a corporate financial consulting firm that writes comprehensive business plans with financial models for growing companies and gets them funded from institutional lenders, equity firms, and specialty debt providers.

We write comprehensive business plans with financial models on behalf of our clients.  We achieve financing for our clients on an hourly basis from institutional lenders, equity firms, and specialty debt providers. Chris Risey

Our team of professionals work as long as it takes to successfully secure business financing for our clients on an hourly fee basis.  Our typical business plan takes two to four weeks to complete prior to sending out to institutions.  Based on the financing required, clients can expect funding in three to six months post project kick off. Chris Risey

We don't bill on a percentage of financing basis because we feel that those methods have a way of inflating themselves without the value being delivered in the end. Chris Risey

Our business plans stay on budget.  Our professional fees don't change.  Our billing rates don't change.  Out of pocket expenses are reasonable. Chris Risey

Our engagements and payment schedules are structured to allow our clients to manage cash flow and demonstrate our commitment and investment to the capital raising process. Chris Risey

Once institutions deliver financing proposals to our clients, we work with our clients to ensure they understand all of the financing solutions presented, analyze the proposals to compare them against one another, negotiate the proposals on behalf of our clients, and consult with our clients throughout due diligence and funding in order to secure the best outcome for the business owner. Chris Risey

Our Unique Approach, Objectivity, and Unmatched Value

Most other financial advisors raise capital using an investment banking fee formula.  Through this approach, the advisor is typically paid a large cash fee and receives company stock.  The advisor’s compensation often varies substantially depending on the type and amount of capital raised (i.e. equity vs. debt).  We believe this approach results in excess compensation to the advisor, creates conflicts of interest and needlessly dilutes the Company’s existing equity holders. Chris Risey

Our project fees require no additional stock or equity compensation.

We perform all work on a hourly fee-only basis.  Fees are scoped at the project onset.  Our consultants work with our clients achieving each milestone to ensure their satisfaction along the way.  Simply put, we are committed to deliver superior service and guarantee results.  Our success is measured not on fees collected, but on deals getting done. Chris Risey

We pride ourselves on being FAST, EFFICIENT, and COST EFFECTIVE.